The Fleet

The transport safety of your cargo is of utmost importance to us, therefore our fleet consists of 145 latest generation truck tractors from Volvo, Mercedes and Iveco, all of which meet the top EURO6 standards. The fleet of semi-trailers consists of 130 vehicles manufactured by Krone and Wielton, 40 of which are adapted to ferry transportation, while 85 – to ferry/railway (intermodal) transport. All the semi-truck trailers are of standard type with internal height not exceeding 2.7m. The semi-trailers are equipped with all the elements necessary for securing the cargo appropriately (anti-skid mats, corner protectors, belts). The age of our fleet does not exceed 2 years, which guarantees unfailing operation of the equipment we use.  All our truck tractors are equipped with the Transics system, enabling the vehicle tracking in real time, regular contact with the driver and working time control, thanks to which the vehicles are efficiently used. Furthermore, all the vehicles are equipped with scanners, so we are able to provide scanned unloading documents within 24 hours.